With the climatic hazards, everything is uncertain. Ombrea offers a real solution

Being a farmer means being a business manager "I come from a farming family, and my three brothers are also producers in the region". Managing 25 hectares of vines, Gautier has been able to turn to a modern, respectful agriculture that is oriented towards the markets of the future. "What I like about my job is my independence. The vine is a magnificent product to work with". The fruits harvested are transformed into rosé by a cooperative, under the name of Mont Major.

  • Our experimentaions

    Gautier, winegrower in the Var department

    Viticulture / Rians

    In partnership with the Société du Canal de Provence, Ombrea has set up a facility at Gautier's, a winegrower from the Var, in order to optimise and protect its harvests.

    "You can really see the difference between the vines outside and under shade. I notice right away that my plants are greener, they look healthier under the shady plot." An agronomic study conducted in partnership with the French Institute of Vine and Wine (IFV).

  • Peony farm, Hyères

    Hyères, Var (83)

    In collaboration with the horticultural research institute Astredhor Méditerranée, Ombrea has installed its system above peonies, the results are observed and analysed by our doctors in biology.

    Installed since 2017, the agronomic results are very positive.

  • Vegetable garden, market gardening, Aix-en-Provence

    Ombrea installed its system on vegetable crops at the Technopôle de l'arbois in Aix-en-Provence.

    Tomatoes, strawberries, salads, artichokes and others are grown under Ombrea and benefit from protection against regional climatic hazards.

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