ombrea is installed over fields.

Using a patented opening and closing system, the shade can be adjusted to the exact degree required. The shades also protect crops from climatic variation. The sensors installed on the land collect all weather information in real time and send this information to our software.

This software then opens and closes the system remotely.

Increasing yield

Crops are more resistant beneath the shading system and thus provide a significantly higher yield.

Regulating temperature

Adjusting between sunshine and shade ensures precise control over the temperature of the plants.

Avoiding springtime frosts

Because the crop temperature is controlled, farmers can permanently avoid the effects of springtime frosts.

Protecting against hail

In the event of extreme weather conditions such as hail or snow, closing the shades allows the crops to be protected.

Does it work on every type of crop?

The system is effective on crops that are sensitive to fluctuations in the weather. For this reason, we work with crop types that add value to you, such as those used in market gardening, horticulture, arboriculture and viticulture on small areas of land.

I am a farmer. Can I adjust the shades myself?

Our software calculates the adjustments to the shades by itself using our technology. It is a much more complex system than it seems.
We work together with you to define the goals we enter into the software, and you have access to all the information via a personalised mobile app. We always keep in mind that the owner of the shading system is you.

Less need for irrigation

Because the crops are shaded, they have less need for water. The shading system reduces hydric stress.

Recycling rainwater

Runoff water is stored on the land and can be used on the crops to save water.

Reducing phytosanitary inputs

The shades increase the crops’ resistance in the face of climate change. Therefore, we also help farmers decrease their use of pollutants.

What does this change about the existing products on the market?

It changes everything, because Ombrea is the only solution that provides overall protection for your crops in a way that is completely adjustable, and which adapts to the crops it is used on via breakthrough technology…

That’s fine for southerners, but I live in the North… I’m looking for more sun!

And we’ll help you find it! Our Ombrea solution adjusts the light, whether you have an excess or a deficit.

How can I access the fields with my tractor?

Simple: the height of the shades adapts to the crops and therefore to the equipment used.

ombrea adjusts the light

Will my soil be affected?

Not at all! The foundations are not anchored using concrete and can be completely removed without polluting the land.

A closed-circuit operation

Farmers actively participate in local life. If they choose to install solar panels on the shades, the energy will be redistributed intelligently. It will be used on the farm or redistributed to the neighbours. This is a huge innovation!

Great idea! How much does it cost?

That depends on the layout of the plot and the crops involved.

Ombrea is sold as is, but we also offer a financing option, by having our partner company install solar panels on the tops of the shades. If you choose this option, you get a quicker return on your investment and the energy covers the monthly credit payments.

The energy is then used for the plot itself, or it can be resold at a favourable rate. It can also be sold to your neighbours, enabling a short supply chain by bringing consumers and producers closer together.

ombrea's mission is to protect your crops

So, does it follow the sun?

Absolutely not! The Ombrea solution is not designed to produce energy but to protect your crops. If the panels are installed, it will just allow you to pay off the system more quickly. Also, we all know that weather conditions in the fields can be harsh, so we prefer to use robust equipment!

I’m interested!What now?

Get in touch with us so we can pinpoint exactly what you want. When we’ve done that, we will create a detailed quote that is tailored to your plot’s unique characteristics.