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    • The system will open and close to modulate the right amount of light, the right humidity, the right temperature on the crops. The idea is to provide them with everything they need to grow in the best possible conditions to ensure constant, quality production.
    • The system is compatible on all field crops, especially those that do not grow in greenhouses. We work on species with high added value, such as market gardening, horticulture, arboriculture and viticulture.
    • Ombrea is an intelligent tool, a complete pool of about ten sensors collects live weather data on each equipped plot. This field information is analysed and put into perspective with the identified needs of the treated crops for automated operation.
    • Not bad for sunny regions, but where I live, the sun I am looking for it... Is this really useful?
    • C’est très simple : la hauteur des ombrières s’adapte aux cultures traitées et donc aux outils utilisés.
    • Our software calculates by itself the modulation of the shadows according to our technology. It's a much more complex system than it looks. You work with us to define the objectives that we set for the software, and you have access to all this information via a customized mobile application. You are also in constant contact with our biology teams. We always keep in mind that the owner of the shadehouse is you!
    • Not at all! The foundations have no concrete anchorage and are completely dismountable, without polluting the plots.
    • Don't! The Ombrea solution is not intended to produce energy but to protect crops. If the panels are installed, they only allow the system to pay for itself more quickly. And then, we know that the climatic conditions in the fields are harsh so we prefer solid tools!
    • Find all our agronomic results on the page The system!
    • That's right. The system can be installed on existing crops.

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